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Tea Consumption info ... "Doing our part"

Customers often ask us how many cups will a bag of tea make? 

Based on industry standards, 1KG of tea yields 440 cups, so about 22 cups per 50 gm bag.

Most people will get closer to 30 cups, however since it depends on the style of leaf and personal preference we will use the industry figures for consistency.

Although we tend to think of the Brits as the big tea drinkers of the world, the latest per capita consumption rates are based on 2009 statistics and offer some surprises.

#1 Turkey:  7.52kg/person or 3308 cups per year, about  9 cups per day per person

#2  Morocco: 4.34kg/per person or 1909 cups/year, about 5 cups per day per person

#3  Ireland:  3.22kg/person or 1417 cups/year, about 4 cups/day/person

#4  UK:  2.74kg/person or 1206 cups/year, about 3.5 cups/day/person

#62   Canada:  0.41kg or 180 cups/year, about 1/2 cup/day/person

#69  USA:   0.33kg or 145 cups/year, about 2 oz/day/person

This made us think about the ripple effect of our little part of the world and a conservative estimate on the number of cups flowing through Aromatica's wharehouse so far in 2014 is approximately 716,377 cups.

What do you think?  Are we doing our part?



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