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Crazy Custard Tips

Whether you're British or not, who could argue with custard and tea being a great pairing?  Although this method can be used with any tea, it goes particularly well with teas that have a natural sweet smoothness, like Walnut Green Tea.

Having spent a few years in England, I have an affinity for Birds Custard Powder which can be found in most Canadian grocery stores.  But that's about as far as tradition goes with this recipe!  Infusing milk with your favourite tea creates the most outstanding custard ever. 

Here's how:

Once you master the magic of infused custards, the possibilities are endless.  Try it with your fave Chai, Snowflake, Black Magic Mint, Paris Rose ... and remember that pairing it with your tea just improves the experience.

Try it and let us know what your favourite tea custard is.


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