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Adventures of Camelia, the Sinensis

About two months ago we received the gift of a Korean Tea Plant from our friend, Master Gardener Brian Minter.

It was a lovely gesture and being able to show a live tea plant at our tea classes was a real benefit.  As all little ones do, Camelia is growing up quickly and as all grandparents do, we wanted to show you how much our "baby" has grown.  The two photos were taken in the same space to provide a good comparison.


We estimate that Camelia is about 4" taller, but the real story is the new leaves.

In the photo on the left you can see the existing leaves are a dark, dull green and there are new shoots of bright green small leaves.  In our March 26 blog we did a couple of close up shots of the new shoots as they are exquisite examples of the classic "two leaves & a bud".

In the photo on the right, you can still see the older leaves, and their dark colour and lack of shine is very evident.  What is quite amazing is the amount of new growth, the size of the new leaves and the glossy sheen that the new leaves show.  What is even more amazing is to touch the leaves and feel the difference in them. 

The small new growth feels almost fragile. These leaves are light in colour, glossy and feel pliable, thin and soft to the touch.

The large new growth is remarkable.  With large, glossy, well veined leaves that are thin and pliable, but feel strong; one can imagine the journey these leaves will take on their way to your cup.

If you are close enough to pop by and check out our little Camelia - please do!  She seems to love visitors - and stay tuned for the further adventures of Camelia - the Senensis.


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