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New! ICED TEA "Pucker Up" with our Lemon Mango Kiss

Wanna Kiss?  A Lemon Mango Kiss that is!  This iced tea blend was designed to cool you off and make you say mmmmmm....

Lemon Mango Kiss was launched last weekend in the Coast Hotel Lobby.  It sure didn't take Leia long to select this one! 

So why did this tea become an instant favourite?  Just one whiff of these perfectly blended ingredients will answer that question and capture your heart. 

Containing apple, rosehip, mango & lemon pieces, hibiscus petals & natural flavours Lemon Mango Kiss has a pretty rose colour and a refreshing tart taste.

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Did you ever wonder why so many iced teas have a reddish colour?  Hibiscus blossoms in the blend makes that happen while it offers a unique cooling property along with lots of vitamin C. 

Now if you were expecting Lemon Mango Kiss to be a bright yellow; well you may just have to focus on the "kiss" part or on the ripe red skin of the mango to make this one make sense. 

What you will easily do is reach for another glass of this thirst quencher!


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