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Zero Waste Commitment

Aromatica's Zero Waste Commitment

Note: While the discussion below encourages refilling our bags or bringing your own containers in for us to fill, we have verified with Chilliwack Bottle Depot that all packaging used by Aromatica can be taken to the depot for recycling.  The blue bags go in the "crinkly paper" bin where chip bags and candy wrappers go.  The resealable pouches go in the "resealable pouches" bin.

We all know we have to do a better job of reducing the amount of waste - especially plastic! - we leave behind on our journey through earth.  Aromatica has three ways that you can eliminate packaging waste while enjoying fine tea.

Before describing them, let's review a couple of key quality control considerations.  Fine tea requires special handling to keep it fresh and vibrant, so always:. 

  • Store your tea in an opaque container.  As a plant, tea is photo-sensitive.  Storing it in clear glass exposes it to light, which degrades the plant, which kills our tea's great taste. 
  • Keep it air-tight.  Exposure to air will also quickly degrade your tea. Keeping your tea in an air-tight container will also protect it from becoming permeated with other smells in your cupboard, like spices, seasonings, etc.
  • Keep it dry.
  • Keep it out of the freezer.  You will see a benefit to keeping your green tea and some herbals (those with dried fruit or succulents) in the fridge to extend their shelf-life.  This is not necessary with black tea.  Never store any type of tea in the freezer!

With these constraints in mind, here is how Aromatica can help you store your tea right, and keep the packaging out of the landfill.

1. Return our blue retail bags for refill.  We import high-quality, multi-layer bags from Germany (not made in China) 10,000 at a time.  Our retail bags are tough enough to keep your tea air-tight and opaque, and can be refilled lots of times.  Just bring the bag back to the store and we will refill it for you.  Not only will we refill it, we will reward your for refilling it.  When you return a 50 gram bag for refill we take fifty cents off the price.  When you return a 100 gram, 1/2 pound, or 1 pound bag for refill we take a dollar off the price at the register.  Note: at the end of its usefulness our blue retail bags can be recycled at Chilliwack or Sardis Bottle Depot in the "crinkly paper" bin where chip and candy wrappers go.

2. Return our tins or anybody else's for refill.  We are neither proud nor prejudiced.  Every tea lover has accumulated tins over the years from lots of different sellers.  Bring 'em on.  We'll put our tea in anybody's tin.  In fact, we love to put our tea on other sellers tins.  We'll also reward you at the register for these refills, too.  Fifty cents off our regular price for 50 gram refills, $1 off for 100 gm, 1/2 pound, or 1 pound refills.

3. Bring your own tins or containers from home for first time purchases.  We will reward you for reducing packaging waste on tea purchase that are not refills.  Bring your favourite tins, cans, or any appropriate container and we will fill it for fifty cents off our regular 50 gram price and $1 off 100 gm, 1/2 pound, or 1 pound purchases.

Obviously, this program is valid for in-store purchases only.  If you can think of a way we can do it for on-line purchases, please email us at

Please make sure any container you bring is clean and dry.  Thanks for helping us make tea drinking more sustainable!