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Parisien Afternoon Tea

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Light, Soft, and Floral
Tea Regions: Yunnan (China), Assam (India)

Parisien Afternoon Tea is an Aromatica Blend, originally blended for Little White House in Fort Langley, BC to the exacting standards of the lovely Cheryl who has an apartment in Paris and wanted a tea to match her Paris experience.  With a profile that combines our favourite creamy Assam vanilla tea with a Rose Congou ( China black tea layered with rose petals five times to impart a rich rose flavour ) and carefully balanced with lavender and rose petals this tea is the ultimate sensory blend.

Contains China black tea, Assam black tea, vanilla pieces, lavender buds, rose petals, natural flavour.


Tasting Notes: Aromatic Rose with a Soft Lavender and Light Vanilla Body.

Ingredients: Black Tea (China, India), Rose Petals, Natural Flavour, Lavender, Vanilla Pieces


Steeping Instructions:

- Measurement: 1 Teaspoon per Cup (250 mL)

- Water Temperature: Full, Rolling Boil (100°C)

- Time: 4-5 Minutes