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Easiest Iced Tea Ever!

As the temperature rises Iced Tea becomes an even better alternative to sugary soft drinks or high-salt sports drinks.  For many people, making a pitcher of iced tea seems like just too much trouble.  They make a big batch of hot tea, then have to figure out how to store it and cool it down.

Forget that!  Here is the easy way: Fill your favourite pitcher with cold water.  Place 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea (whatever kind you prefer - black, green, oolong, or herbal all work equally well with this method) per litre of water your pitcher holds, in a fillable tea sac (our Finum Paper Filters or our Fill-Your-Own Tea Sacs work great for this!).  Seal the tea sac either by tying or stapling the top so no tea can get out. 

Drop the filled tea sac into your pitcher and put it in the refrigerator.  Let it infuse a minimum of 4 hours or, even better, let it infuse overnight.  When you get up the next morning, remove the tea sac and enjoy your fresh cold tea!  No mess, no hassle, no problem.

The magic is that rather than steeping for a few minutes, you are cold infusing for several hours.  Since you are not boiling the water, you aren't forcing the oxygen out of it.  Result: your tea will stay fresher and clearer longer, with no bitterness.  Black teas release fewer tannins, green tea won't get bitter because there's no heat to scorch their oils, and herbals gently release their goodness.

Our favourite Aromatica iced teas are Peaches & Flowers, Scottish Mint, Sangria herbal, and Symphony raspberry vanilla honeybush. 

What's your best iced tea recipe?


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