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New! ICED TEA - Peach Paradise

What do you get when you blend black & green teas with peaches over ice? 

          ......................a taste of Paradise!

Enjoy this specially blended tea cold over ice for a refreshing boost for your heat weary body.

 Black tea, green tea, hibiscus & jasmine petals, peach, apple, orange, pineapple & mango bits red currant & safflower petals flavour this delicious blend with a tart taste that mellows into a rich peach on your happy tongue!

Peach Paradise will cool you down and have you reaching for more :)

Simply add 1 TBS per litre of cold water to your fave pitcher and put it in the fridge. 

We do this before going to bed so that our iced tea is ready for us in the morning. 

No muss and absolutely no fuss ... just great healthy flavour!

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