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Tea's Pearls of Wisdom

"Curious minds want to know" ... What is the difference between green jasmine pearls and white jasmine pearls?
Looking at tightly furled tea pearls it is hard to tell the difference between green and white; but steep them and you will not only see the difference but also taste it!
Notice the green pearls are larger, darker, rougher. That is because they are older. The sweet jasmine notes meld beautifully with the bold, dry green tea.
The white pearls contain a younger, less mature style leaf. Notice the prized "two leaves and a bud" structure. This lends a lighter, sweeter cup, allowing the jasmine to take centre stage.

Regardless of green or white, enjoy watching the beautiful dance as the pearls open to let the tea leaves unfurl.                  

Inhale the fabulous jasmine scent and wait patiently, knowing that this cup of tea is an experience in a cup.  

  See the pearls open to display the leaves and infuse the exotic jasmine flavour in your cup.  

Even better when shared with some one special!  


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