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Tea Safety in a Time of COVID-19

While we cannot speak for all tea companies, Aromatica is remaining vigilant in finding out all we can about the precautions our suppliers are taking during the current pandemic. One of our suppliers just released a statement regarding steps they are taking to ensure consumer safety while processing your tea.  We thought it was worth passing along.  

"KEEPING IN CONTACT WITH OUR GROWERS Following is an email exchange with one of our growers in India. They share our ethics in all areas of business.

Thanks for sharing your early experience with COVID-19 and it’s great to see that both of us are thinking on the same lines. I would like to share with you a brief note on our procedures. The entire country (India) went into lockdown from the 24th of March. We did not work from 24th to the 31st of March however we continued to pay all our employees during the above period. We got the necessary permissions from the district authorities to work from the 30th of March and started regular work from the 1st of April diligently following the below.

1. All employees were examined by our doctors and nurses for any symptoms and were allowed to work only after they have cleared the doctor’s examination.

2. Every day all employees are screened for temperature, cough, and cold by our staff nurses before being allowed to work. If any employee is found having any symptoms they are asked to remain at home and are checked regularly by our medical staff.

3. Wash facilities have been provided at all work spots and it is mandated that all employees wash their hands at regular intervals.

4. Social distancing is strictly adhered to and employees are always at least a meter apart from each other.

5. All employees have been provided with masks and it is mandatory for them to wear them.

6. From the 24th of March, we have closed all our gates and nobody is allowed to enter or leave the property unless specifically sanctioned.

7. All essential items such as groceries are being arranged by us and delivered to the employees on the estate itself so they need not leave for these purposes.

8. The country is going to be on lockdown till the 3rd of May and we will continue these procedures at least until then."


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