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Tea Travellers Tips

I confess; I love to travel!

While I love to go new places and discover new things, I also enjoy the comforts of home while on the road.  Things like a good cup of tea, which is almost impossible in soooo many places.  

If you want good tea, you need good water, a heating mechanism that will not effect the taste, an infuser, quality tea leaves and a cup.  Of course no one wants to lug around a kettle and tea pot.  For travelers, tea making gear needs to be small, light weight and easy to pack.  You will need an inversion water heater, a cup, an infuser and your favourite tea.

Did you get stuck on the first item?  

An immersion water heater is simply a metal coil with an electrical cord that plugs into a wall socket socket to heat water.  The image above shows my favourite travel infuser open and loaded with tea.  Next flip the lid closed (which securely traps the tea but leaves the perfect amount of space for  water to circulate) and infuse your tea.  When your tea reaches the perfect strength, remove the heater, press the plunger of the infuser to squeeze all the tea from the leaves and tap out the compact bundle of tea leaves - no dripping or mess!


An immersion heater reaches a boil about as fast as a kettle.

 Just for the record, these photos were taken during a recent stay at a great time share that was well equipped with a deluxe coffee maker, toaster, blender, micro, full stove, dishwasher, fridge with ice maker, washer dryer but NO KETTLE!  And yes, I did take a bone china mug (being away for a week makes taking my favourite mug a reasonable luxury)!


A taste of home always makes traveling just a little sweeter doesn't it?


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