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Soft, Smooth, and Wild

Take a trip to the Lavender Fields of Southern France with this smooth blend of Rooibos and Honeybush. Soft floral notes of Rose and Lavender are enlivened with wild Elderberry and Black Currant. We then add a touch of Vanilla to smoothen the body, bon appetit!

Tasting Notes: Soft Lavender and Rose with hints of Wild Berries and a smooth Vanilla finish.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Honeybush, Organic Elderberry, Organic Rosehip Pieces, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Lavender Petals, Natural Flavours, Flavour, Vanilla Bits


Steeping Instructions:

- Measurement: 1 Teaspoon per Cup (250 mL)

- Water Temperature: Full, Rolling Boil (100°C)

- Time: 5-10+ Minutes