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TEAsicles - a healthy, cool treat!

TEAsicles are our secret weapon to combat the heat! 

Here in "the Valley" (almost as though there is only ONE valley :)  it is hot.  Very Hot! And the forecast is for more hot weather.  So to mitigate this crisis, we'll share our version of TEAsicles with you.

We've been making TEAsicles to cool off the healthy way using tea, sometimes yogurt, sometimes fruit - your imagination is the limit.  We even heard a story about putting gummy bears into the mix because they don't freeze.

What you add to them will make them magic!  Yesterday we made Banana yogurt TEAsicles that were simply delightful.  The addition of the banana and vanilla yogurt softened the consistency and made them a creamier "pop". 


Here's how we did it

  Using a tea sack and Aromatica's Banana Royal tea we infused ice tea.   Our ratio was  1 TBSP tea per litre of water - in the fridge at least 3 hours


 We assembled our mystery ingredients.  In this case, our cold tea, a ripe banana and vanilla yogurt.  You can decide how much of each ingredient to use.  We used one banana, two heaping TBSP of yogurt and about 4 oz of the cold Banana iced tea. 

This is the place to get creative; if you're making these for kids, put a couple of gummy bears/ berries or other treat into the mold as a special surprise.

Using a stick blender, we blended all the ingredients. 

HINT  Save on clean up by using a large measuring cup to both blend and pour,


Fill the molds, freeze and enjoy!


BONUS TIP - if you make too much (speaking from experience) and your mold is full - this will make a terrific smoothie!


Cool off and enjoy!  Leave us a comment and let us know what creative additions you made :)


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