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The Aromatica Advantage!

Great tea, great prices AND extra savings on larger size packages - that's the Aromatica Advantage.

Take the Aromatica pricing challenge:  Find your favourite tea.  Now check our pricing and see that the price per gram goes down progressively as the package size goes up.  It's easy to compare - there are approximately 9 X 50 gram bags per pound so do the math.

For example:

Earl Grey Cream

Buy 50 grams for $6 at Aromatica

Buy 100 grams for $ 11 at Aromatica (10% savings)

Buy 1/2 lb (227 grams) for $18 at Aromatica ((35% savings)

Buy 1 lb (454 grams) for $35 at Aromatica (35% savings)

Most tea companies offer 1 lb at 9 X the price of 50 grams. That would make it $54 elsewhere or $35 at Aromatica.

Buying in the 1 lb size is like paying for 6 bags and getting 3 extra for free!

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