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Friday's Epiphany: A healthy time saver!

Last week I met a lady at our shop who wholesales tea cozies.  Now I confess that since we have wonderful Wanda making our tea cozies, I was a little on guard, waiting for the sales pitch.  But happily that's not what this is about!

During our conversation she reminded me of the value of making a pot of tea, keeping it warm and enjoying it over an extended period of time.  Pretty simple - right?

With busy lives and a difference in tastes, our house has multiple infusers on the go at any given time, but I typically only made a pot of tea when we had guests.  A random conversation about tea cozies has changed all that!

Two realities of modern life:

We need to drink more water/fluid and we need more time 

My epiphany is that using a tea pot and cozy combo helps me to drink more fluid and save time.

With a ready supply of hot, healthy and  delicious tea, I don't have to start the kettle, get distracted, measure the tea, wait for it to steep, get distracted again ... you get the picture!  And if I want a warm up for 1/2 a cup; it's ready and waiting for me!  Result?  I'm drinking more tea - voila ... increasing my fluid intake :)

So simple, yet profoundly enjoyable!



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