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Camelia Sinensis - growing tea in our shop

Two weeks ago Celebrity Master Gardener Brian Minter popped in with a gift while we were conducting a tea class.

Brian's gift?  A Korean Tea Plant! 

And this camellia sinensis seedling is suitable for growing in our weather :)  We've nick named our tea seedling and added her to Aromatica's Educational Team. 

As we passed Camelia around the tea class, people remarked that the dark green glossy leaves were so perfect they looked artificial.  We observed the serrated leaf edge and its strong central vein.

Fast forward two weeks.  At the tea class we hosted last night, Camelia was really showing off a lot of new growth. 

It was fun for the group to imagine being tea pickers, and deciding which of the of the bright green leaves we would select, and which of the fine new leaves we would choose for white tea. 

In the tea world, "two leaves and a bud" is a common phrase.  Our Camelia gave us a classic picture of it.

Stayed tuned for more adventures of Camelia, the Sinensis :)


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