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The Winners!

Each Spring and Fall the North American Tea Championship convenes.  Professional cuppers preside over an independent competition to determine the highest quality and best tasting teas available in the North American marketplace.  To the winners go rather distinguished bragging rights.  

As Western Canada Distributors of Florapharm Teas, we are always excited when our teas win.  As an independently owned business, we are also able to develop relationship with some of the other prize winning growers and blenders. Aromatica Fine Teas is proud to stock eleven North American Champion teas.

2011 Spring Championship - Walnut (1st Place - Flavored Green Teas), White Cherry (1st Place - Flavored White Teas)

2011 Fall Championship - Snow Flake (1st Place - Flavored Black Teas)

2012 Spring Competition - Alchemy/Divine Temple (2nd Place - Flavored White Teas)

2012 Fall Competition - Sungma Estate Organic Darjeeling (1st Place - Darjeelings), Hatimara Estate Assam (2nd Place - Assams)

2013 Fall Competition - Manhattan Earl Grey (1st Place - Earl Greys), Glenburn Estate Signature Breakfast Blend (2nd Place - Breakfast Blends)

2014 Spring Competition - Lemongrass Vanilla Herbal (2nd Place - Flavored Herbal Blends)

2014 Fall Competition - Oasis/Desert Blossom - (1st Place - Flavored Rooibos), Khongea Estate Assam Golden Tip (1st Place - Assam), Hatimara Estate Assam (2nd Place - Assam), Glenburn Estate Signature Breakfast Blend (2nd Place - Breakfast Blends)

We will continue to add to this list of champions.  What makes a tea a champion to you?



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