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Jasmine Jade Dragon Pearls

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Sweet, Soft, and Floral
Tea Regions: Yunnan (China)


Our most treasured Green Tea.

Grown among the mountainous tea gardens of Yunnan province, the tea leaves are shipped to Fujian for pearl shaping. Once the leaves have been hand-shaped, the pearls are sent to Guangxi province where they are scented by tea masters using the "Hong Ti" technique. These premium leaves are infused with a high quantity of buds, bringing a bright and energetic character to every cup. Fashioned in the most prestigious regions of China, every cup of our Jasmine Jade Dragon Pearls is a treasure to enjoy. 

The Hong Ti scenting technique uses two rounds of scenting ("Yin" in Chinese). The second round is of crucial importance as it uses a high concentration of jasmine buds to create that energetic floral character. Following the second scenting round, the pearls undergo a light roasting. Roasting after scenting ensures the tea is embodied with a lasting floral character.


Tasting Notes: Soft and Sweet with an Energetic Jasmine aroma and Delicate body.

Ingredients: Green Tea (China), Jasmine Blossoms

Steeping Instructions:

- Measurement: 12-16 Pearls (3 grams) per Cup (250 mL)

- Water Temperature: Briskly Steaming (79-82°C)

- Time: 1-3 Minutes