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Parisien Afternoon Tea

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Light, Soft, and Floral
Tea Regions: Yunnan (China), Assam (India)


Chinese Tea layered 5 times with rose petals, Rose Congou was said to be Princess Diana's favourite tea. Parisien Afternoon Tea is named for the city she loved; our take on an elegant classic. With a dash of Bourbon Vanilla and a touch of French Lavender, we blend an exquisite Rose Congou with malty leaves from Assam. A blend fit for a chic afternoon at the Place Vendôme.


Tasting Notes: Aromatic Rose with Soft Lavender and a Light Vanilla body.

Ingredients: Black Tea (China, India), Lavender, Rose Petals, Natural Flavour, Vanilla Pieces


Steeping Instructions:

- Measurement: 1 Teaspoon per Cup (250 mL)

- Water Temperature: Full, Rolling Boil (100°C)

- Time: 4-5 Minutes