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Russian Caravan Tea

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Smooth, Strong, and Complex
Tea Regions: Anhui (China), Fujian (China)

Come along on a 6,000-Mile journey through the Mongolian Steppe and Siberian Wilderness to the doors of St. Basil's Cathedral. Smokey with a touch of Lemon and Ginger, this blend of Lapsang Souchong, Oolong, and Keemun teas captures the rugged Russian Spirit.

In the 18th Century, caravans of camels loaded with tea leaves traversed the arduous route from the markets of Beijing in northern China to the banks of the Volga River at Nizhny Novgorod. Although a shorter and cheaper southern route via the Black Sea port of Odessa existed, the warm and humid tropical seas of the voyage made the tea leaves suffer for flavour. For the premium price that tea transported via the cold and dry northern route commanded, many a Russian merchant were willing to suffer the difficult journey through the Steppes to the markets of the West. Stopping nightly in the frigid Siberian Wilderness, smoke from the campfires infused with the tea leaves, giving them their smokey character.

We add a dash of Lemon and pinch of Ginger in the traditional Russian fashion. A blend fit for the Tzar himself!


Tasting Notes: Smokey, Sweet, and Smooth with hints of Lemon and Ginger

Ingredients: Black Tea (China), Oolong Tea, Ginger Pieces, Natural Flavour, Lemon Pieces, Lemongrass


Steeping Instructions:

- Measurement: 1 Teaspoon per Cup (250 mL)

- Water Temperature: Full, Rolling Boil (100°C)

- Time: 4-5 Minutes